I try EVERY new bow that comes in my shop and here are my thoughts:

RX-1:  This full carbon bow is the pinnacle of Hoyt’s technology. 

Performance – The new Hyper ZT cams are aggressive.  The IBO rating is 340 but that we put it through the chrono to see what the real world numbers were.  We launched an Easton 330 spined Carbon Hexx weighing 300 grains at 304 fps!  This was done with the bow at the factory set 29 inch draw and maxed out to 70 lbs.  This bow buried the arrows in the target and I was impressed with the power delivered into the arrow.

Feel – balanced, light, nice grip contours.  The bottom limbs are larger than the top limbs to balance the bow right at the top of the hand.  The effect is a steadier shot.  The bow is a ultra light-weight speed bow so it does “zing” the hand a bit.  This can be cured by a nice stabilizer and/or back bar.

Look – There is nothing on the planet that looks like this carbon bow.  The new colors and camo patterns will impress as soon as it is lifted out of the case. 

Sound – There isn’t much that can be done to silence that much speed.  As is true with many of the speed bows, there is a sharp crack when the arrow leaves the bow.  This can be improved by a quality stabilizer and some string leaches.  Still when it comes down to it.  The prey will be hit before the sound can register.

Accuracy – It’s a Hoyt.


Hypertech:  This aluminum bow is the metal version of the RX-1.

Performance – The Hypertech has the same Hyper ZT cams as the RX-1 and produce the same amazing results.  We put the Hypertech through the chrono with the same arrow as above and got the “Dupli” reading on the chrono.

Feel – The Hypertech is a smidge heavier than the RX-1 but it doesn’t seem noticeable.  I like the texture that the bow has and the stiffness of the riser is apparent in the shot.  It does still “zing” but with the added ounces in the aluminum, it seems slightly reduced.  Again, great grip.

Look – The Hypertech looks tall.  It is a skinny bow that looks taller than the ATA would betray.  However, I had no problem swinging it around in a stand or in a blind.  It is simply deceptive in size but it doesn’t look like a toy in your hand the way some bows can.  Good finish and nice color options.

Sound – See above.

Accuracy – It’s a Hoyt.